About Design Living Interiors Ltd.

Design Living Interiors is a full service interior design company specializing in residential and commercial interior design. Comprised of a team of talented and skilled designers, we have individually and collectively executed a variety of projects over the years. Established in the Greater Vancouver area, we are constantly inspired by our geographical location and the cultural richness that it bestows. We value a collaborative creative process as this brings a depth to our projects that cannot often be achieved without the input of our team members. We are a group of unique individuals who form a dynamic team together. Our goal at Design Living is to weave good design throughout the fabric of our everyday lives. At Design Living, we believe that a well-designed life is a life well lived. We strive to infuse this core value into every detail of every project. We pride ourselves in being able to ensure that the resulting design is not only beautiful, but also functional, elevating the everyday experience to one where the most mundane details of life bring joy and pleasure.